BODT-5, BOD Tester
Application: Apply to Surface Water, Sewage, Industrial Wastewater in the BOD.
1.       Display the trend curve
2.       Printer output
3.       Link to the compute through USB interface
4.       Mercury-free devices to ensure the accuracy & safety of the BOD measurement
5.       Real-time clock display
6.       Automatic collection and storage of dat
7.        Depict BOD curves for the user to view
8.       Link to the computer to print curves
9.       No parameter and data loss after sudden cut-off
10.    LCD humanization interface display, easy operation
11.    1-30days of the test time, setting by the keys
12.     Store data and update the result, observe the change rate of BOD in the
13.     LCD screen during any testing time, store 240 data points and 20 groups data of each sample.

Principle of Operation:

The instrument is designed by the pressure-difference method, simulating the degradation of natural organic matter. 21% of the oxygen in the air on the top of Test Bottle continuously replenish the dissolved oxygen consumed in water, carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in the process of organic matter degradation is absorbed by Sodium hydroxide coming from sealed cap, pressure sensor monitor constantly the pressure change of sample bottle.
 There is a correlation between
1.        Measurements in regions of low concentration are especially stable.
2.       Changing pump rpm or sample contact time allows measurements in regions of high concentration.
3.       The optional microbe fixation kit enables the use of other microbes and, therefore, a variety of water samples.
4.       Making no use of dangerous reagents and emitting no harmful effluents, the Quick BODT-1 is environmentally friendly. Biochemical oxygen demand BOD (correspond to the consumption of oxygen in the test bottle) & Gas pressure, such relevance is dealt with by this instrument, direct display of Biochemical oxygen demand BOD Value on the screen

liquid containing soluble organic matter, such as drainage and river water
0-35, 0-70, 0-350, 0-700mg/L (without dilution) 700-4000 mg/L (need to dilute)
Sample Quantity
≤6 Bottle Capacity: 500mL
0.1mg/L (0-35, 0-70mg/L) 1mg/L (0-350mg/L, 0- 700mg/L)
Power Supply
AC 220 50Hz

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