Fume Hood Plating

Built-in Sirocco Fan on the Top
Compact designed centrifugal suction and blower
Air Leak Proof Cabinet Structure
With high clean stainless steel interior work station and epoxy powder coated steel exterior for long durability
Tempered Safety Glass Sliding Door
For maintain high quality cleanliness and for clear view operated by counter balanced weight
Low Noise Level and Vibration Free
56-60 dB high efficiency sirocco fan blower
Analog Controller On-Off Switch
On – Off switch with analog speed controller
Inflow Air Velocity Control
Range 0.3m/s to 1.0 m/s
Mechanical Design Structure
High durable and sturdy base cabinet and Fume Cupboard

Design and Performance are conform to International Standard
1. SEFA 1-2002
2. ASHRAE 110-95
3. AS2243-8
4. EN14175
5. BS 7258

Material Selection Guide
Work Top (Refer to page. 104)
1. Synthetic ceramic work top as standard
2. Stainless steel top 304 or 316 as optional
3. Epoxy resin top. Heavy duty as optional
4. Trespa phelonic work top as optional

1. PP or PVC Round type
2. PP or Stainless steel Rectangular Type

Exterior Structure
1. Epoxy powder coated EGI
2. Hair-lined stainless steel 430 or 304 as optional

Interior Structure
1. Hair-lined stainless steel 430 as standard
2. Hair-lined stainless steel 340 or 316 as optional
3. Trespa phelonic resin as optional
4. Epoxy powder coated EGI for economic models

Exterior Color Selection for 2 tone
1. Main color : off-white / light grey / dark grey
2. Front panel : dark blue / red purple / all light grey
3. Base Stand : dark blue / red purple with light grey

Centrifugal sirocco fan
1. EGI steel fan with epoxy powder coated
2. Polypropelen fan for anti – acid

Sash Glass
1. Tempered safety glass t : 5mm
2. Tempered safety glass with laminated t : 6mm

Dimensions                          Inner
(W x D x H mm)                   Outer
Air Volume (Approx.)                           
1450 CMH (+/- 10%)
1450 CMH (+/- 10%)
2000 CMH (+/- 10%)
Built-in Sirroco Fan
Analog speed controller / Fan, lamp, On-Off switch panel
Face Air Velocity
0.5m/sec at Factory set
Air Speed Control Range
0.3 – 1.0 m/sec
Noise Level
56 – 60dBA
Light with safety cover
Incandescent lamp x 1EA
Material                               Interior
Stainless steel 430 hair – lined
Epoxy powder coated Electro Galvanized steel
Sash Door
Tempered safety glass sliding door with stainless steel frame
Utility Device
Water faucet, Air Cock, Gas Cock
2 Ports power Receptacle 110 V or 220V x 2EA
Electric Supply
110V 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz

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