Schuett phoenix II Safety Bunsen Burner

Schuett phoenix II
Safety Bunsen Burner for lab tasks such as sterilizing, heating or scarfing.

Unique comfortable Bunsen Burner with outstanding quality features:

1. Easy-to-read highlighted colour display
2. Multilingual menu navigation in most international languages
3. Information and warning remarks in written form
4. Self-explanatory operation
5. Unique joystick navigation
6. Gas and air adjustment with “Click-Stop”-feature
7. Comfortable operation optionally by hand, foot-switch or motion sensor mode
Ideal for use in microbiological safety cabinets or in the chemical laboratory.
Housing made of polished stainless steel and safety glass. UV- and solvent resistant, flame-sterilizable, easy to clean.

Suitable for use with natural gas (central gas supply in the lab) or propane/butane gas (mobile with gas cartridges/bottles).

Easiest exchange of burner head, no need for tools.

schuett phoenix II with highest safety standard
(certified according to DIN 30665 part 1, DIN-DVGW Reg.NG-2211AR0750):

1. Controlled burn-time 1 sec … 120 min (adjustable)
2. Burn-time displayed in all modes of operation
3. Automated safety shutdown if not in use
4. Sensor activation 1x/2x
5. Overheating protection/burner control by sensors,
6. e.g. temperature of the burner head (Warning remark in the display)
7. Exact economic flame adjustment
8. Stable flame, even at strong currents
9. Flame and ignition monitoring
10. Tilting to the right or to the left side.

3 models available:

schuett phoenix II eco
(without display/sensor, with foot-switch)
Start/stop flame by foot-switch or press button by hand (ON/OFF).
Low-cost model, best suited for microbiological safety cabinets.

schuett phoenix II standard
(colour display, language selection, sensor and foot- switch)
Start/Stop flame by activating sensor 1x/2x, use foot switch or press button by hand (ON/OFF). Burn-time displayed.

schuett phoenix II accu
(colour display, language selection, sensor and built-in high-power battery)
Start/stop flame by activating sensor 1x/2x, use foot-switch or press button by hand (ON/OFF). Burn-time and battery status displayed. Built-in high-power battery for up to 30 hours operating time. With high-speed battery charger incl. overcharge protection. Ideal for mobile operation.

Technical Details
Dimensions (WxDxH):   125x160x85
Power:                         100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight                         approx. 1000 g

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