Make e-Bucket series into constant temperature shaker. Reciprocal shake of test tubes with spring net.

Main Application

Shaking of small container at constant temperature
Naturalization of E. Coli after transformation
Enzyme reaction and so on


Grade up e-Bucket series into constant temperature shaker

Pouring water to attached aluminum tray and apply this product to each e-Bucket series machine makes them as shaking bath.

Shaking rack is spring net

It is spring pitch suit to small container. Shaker height can be adjusted at 5 positions about 1cm apart each other (fixed by screw).

Service outlet on back

Power of e-Bucket can be supplied from back of this product and cable can be gathering up to 1. Powering off the switch of this product doesn’t power off e-Bucket.

Can be assembled to polyC water bath

By using optional polyC attachment (PCA-01), it can be assembled into polyC water bath (sold individually) attached to thermominder series.

ModeleB-Shaker Unit
Applicable typeEIB, ECB, ETB37 (retired), EHB, ETB(*1)
Shaking MethodReciprocal shake
Shaking Speed30 - 150rpm
Surroundings temperature+5ºC - +35ºC
*At +5ºC, sometimes shaking speed doesn’t reach to maximum.
Platform Size85 x 115 x 20Hmm
Other FunctionsService outlet x 1 (up to 14A)
Loading Limit0.5kg (include spring net)
Dimensions150 x 120 x 190Hmm
Power SupplyAC100V 0.5A(*2)
Standard AccessoryAluminum tray
Shaking rackSpring net shaking rack (attached)

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