Spectro SC

Spectro SC is an economical single cell visible spectrophotometer which is ideal for small laboratories and educational institutions.  This spectrophotometer delivers enhanced ease-of-use, precision and accuracy resulting in time and cost savings, as well as unprecedented confidence in test results.

Spectro SC is easy to use, affordable, compact and light weight.   It has a continuous wavelength ranging from 330 nm to 1000 nm and the ability to hold both square cells (10 mmx10 mm) and round test tubes.

Spectro SC is rugged, reliable, low cost, and maintenance free.  This instrument simplifies analysis and increases measurement capabilities for routine applications in various fields such as chemistry, biochemistry, agricultural, petrochemistry, environmental protection, science classes, educational laboratories and general analytical industry.

This Spectro can be used by itself or linked to a PC.

1.Microprocessor controlled.
2.Digital LCD Display.
3.Auto transmission, absorption, concentration and factor.
4.Silicon Diode detector.
5.It can use square or round cells.
6.Interface RS232 to link to a computer.
7.Wide continuous wavelength range.
8.Built in stray light filter.
9. 1200 /mm. grating mirror.
10. Computer System is optional (NOT INCLUDED).

Included Accessories
a.2 square cells 10 mm x 10 mm.
b.1 instruction book.
c.2 square cell holder.
d.1 Zero absorption cell.

Optional Accessories
1.Set of 2 performance testing filters (1 "E filter" for photometric accuracy test
and 1 didymium filter for wavelength accuracy test)
2.External printer
3.RS232 interface cable
4.Software for Windows 95/98/XP/7. Includes RS232C cable and operator's 
manual (Specify: Spectro SC). The operation manual is available in 18 different languages. 

Technical Specifications

Wavelength Range:330-1000nm.
Spectral bandwidth:6nm.
Data Processing:Microprocessor
Wavelength Accuracy:+- 1nm.
Wavelength Repeatability:+- 1nm.
Optical SystemGrating, 1200 lines/mm.
Stray Light:"<-0 .5="" 340="" 400nm.="" amp="" at="" nm="" span="">
Display:3.5 LCD
Transmittance Range:
Absorption Range:0-2.5A
Concentration Range:0-1999C
Zero & Blank set:Automatic
Photometric Accuracy:+- 1%T
Drift:"-<0 .003="" a="" after="" hour="" span="" up="" warming="">
Detector:Silicon Photodiode
Light Source:Tungsten Halogen lamp, 6V 10W
Sample Volume:0.4ml (minimum)
Sample Container:Round and Square cuvette
Data Output:Analog output, RS 232C interface, Printer
Power Requirements:110-240V. AC, 50/60Hz., Selected automatically
330 (W)x130 (H)x270 (D) mm.
Net Weight5.2 kg.

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