Ultra low temp Freezer

Deep Freezer Upright Type
Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
Up Right Type -86°C Deep Freezer
Non-CFC high-density polyurethane
Insulation thickness 80mm
1. The Unique Refrigeration technology with Non-CFC/HCFC natural refrigerant
2. Fast Cooling down to -86°C with perfect contacted evaporator system
3. High quality stainless steel inner chamber with rounded corners for easy clean
4. Mechanical designed cabinet with perfect door seal and closure
5. Microprocessor PID digital controller with Audible & Visible Alarm system
6. Built-in access port for external data monitoring and supply
Complete sealing and closure mechanism for ultra low temperature
1. Triple air tight Santoprene sealing gaskets made from Thermoplastics Elastomer
2. The individual inner doors made from cold- free HDPE material
3. Mechanically heated door frame seal keeps ice formation-free
4. Advanced door latch system for perfect closing and easy opening Non-CFC/HCFC Refrigeration System Natural refrigerant and hermetically sealed compressor are used for compliance with the New Environmental Protection Regulation
Heavy-duty and user friendly designed chambers Structure
1. Heavy-duty caster with built-in adjustable stands for easy movement
2. 80mm High density polyurethane foamed insulation maintain cool temperature
3. Easy opening access door for electric and refrigeration compartment
4. Height adjustable shelf is stainless steel or epoxy powder coated wire
Automatic voltage regulation and Energy saving elecrtic circuit system
Efficiency and durable electric part and compartment, provides long life cycle, and minimaize electric load leading to consumption of low energy and to protection
Optional LN2 & CO2 back up System

Refrigeration Type
Cascade Refrigeration System / Upright Type
Dimensions                            Inner
(W x D x H mm)                  Outer
600 x 650 x 955
895 x 845 x 1660
600 x 650 x 1275
895 x 845 x 1985
750 x 655 x 1275
1045 x 845 x 1985
750 x 775 x 1275
1045 x 965 x 1985
1HP x 2
1HP x 2
3 / 2 HP x 2
3 / 2HP x 2
Microprocessor Digital PID Controller with Battery back up system
-40°C to -86°C
80mm High density polyurethane foamed insulation
Material                              Interior
Stainless Steel 304
Epoxy Powder Coated EGI Steel
High / Low Temp. Protector, ELCB, Thermal Protector
Electric Supply
220V/230V, 50/60Hz

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November 24, 2017 at 1:07 PM

Hello, Thanks for sharing these nice specifications for the freezer. I am looking to buy an ultra low freezer for my laboratory. I think these specifications are well suitable for the use of a freezer.

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