Aging Test Oven

Aging Test Oven
Ideal for test of Rubber, Resin plastic Electronic Parts
ÿ     Adjustable Air Vent System
ÿ     Temperature Control up to 250°C and 350°C
ÿ     Microprocessor PID Temperature Controller
ÿ     10 step program temperature and time, 999 cycle
ÿ     Complete sealed stainless steel chamber
ÿ     High efficiency, High clean Mechanism
ÿ     Rapid heat-up time 30 minutes to 250°C
ÿ     Filter air supply and ventilation
ÿ     Forced air circulation by sirocco fan
ÿ     Fully equipped with safety device and alarm
ÿ     Built-in removable geared rotator controlled by feedback control motor from 0 to 10 rpm

Programmable Controller (Optional PC Interface)
10 Step Microprocessor PID Program Controller RS-232/485 PC Interface

Monitoring 16 Unit Connected into 1 Computers with Labtech Hub Software

Graphic monitoring for step programmed process of time and temperature on real-time

Microprocessor PID Program Controller with alarm system
Dimension                    Inner
(W x D x H mm)           Outer
500 x 500 x 600
700 x 800 x 1600
99min 59 sec. / 99hr 59 min / Continuous Selectable
Temp                    Range
                           Set Accuracy
Ambient + 15°C to 250°C (Option up to 350°C)
± 1.0°C
± 3.0°C at 120°C
Speed     Range
0 to 10 rpm
Electronic Feed Back Controller
Ø200 Stainless Steel Plate x 2EA
Ø120 x 100mm Sirocco Fan
Material  Interior
Stainless Steel
Epoxy powder coated EGI Steel
Electric Supply
220V or 380V 3 Ph 4 line, 50/60Hz

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