Inoculating Loops

 Inoculation Loops Polystyrene
1. Ultra smooth loops made from flexible polystyrene offer problem free planting and streaking of cultures.
2. Originally manufactured under germ-free aseptic (sterile) conditions of class 10.000 sterile area with extreme sterility control.
3. Free of lubricants, oils and electrostatic charges, enabling consistent wetting and flawless liquid transfer.
4. Loops do not cut or gouge the agar surface during streaking.
5. Ergonomically design of the loop handle improves grip due to the large handle and assists orientation.
6. When viewed in cross section, the shafts of the loops have hexagonal shapes which create handles with six flat surfaces.
7. This design facilitates maximum grip and easy orientation of the loop head.
8. The needle end for colony counting is also a suitable tool for picking off individually isolated colonies.
9. They are also suitable for making stab inoculations into agar slants or tubes of solid culture medium.


Catalogue Number
Loops Specification
Quantity in pack
one end needle / one end 1 μl
10 pieces
one end needle / one end 10 μl
10 pieces
one end 1 ul / one end 10 μl
10 pieces

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