Stomacher® Bags

Sterile (gamma-irradiated) polyethylene bags
65┬Ám thick for high-impact strength (9.2MPa tensile, 27.1MPa ultimate) even at low temperatures
Permeability (g/m2/24 hr.): 1.2 water vapor, 12,000 oxygen, 2000 carbon dioxide
Closure bags feature wire closure strip across bag top and rounded corners
Strainer bags have inner plastic mesh to protect from punctures
Single-chamber bags for use in Lab Blenders
Bag's internal sterility assured with patented tear-off sterile barrier top
Highly transparent and puncture-resistant virgin polyethylene extruded tube material
No side seams, one wide bottom seal
Simply tear the perforated end along the top, open, and insert the material to be analyzed and processed
Stomacher® Bag Clips
Specifically designed for Standard BA6041 & BA6141 Stomacher® Bags, Seward Bag Clips allow fast and easy securing of the Stomacher® bags.
Eliminates any leakage during storage or incubation
Provides a reusable alternative to closure bags
Easily cleaned with most lab disinfectants (not autoclavable)

How To Oder
Code 1: Stomacher Bag 6040, Model 80, Standard
Code 2: Stomacher Bag 6041, Model 400, Standard
Code 3: Stomacher Bag 6141, Model 400C, Standard
Code 4: Stomacher Bag 6041/5, Model 400, Standard, Packs of 5
Code 5: Stomacher Bag 6141/5, Model 400C, Standard, Packs of 5

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