Binocular Biological Microscope

Description: Binocular Biological Microscope
Model: TNC-BM-2CA
Origin: China
Eyepiece: 10X magnification visual field diameter of 18 mm
16X magnification field of view diameter of 11 mm each pair
Magnification: 40x-1600x oil standard grid values: 0.1 mm
Mechanical tube length: 160 mm; Condenser lens numerical aperture (NA) 1.25
Coarse and fine focusing mechanism: Focus range: 15 mm
 Flat-field eyepiece: 10x 18 / Micro-grid values: 0.002 mm
Work Table: Horizontal:  125mm   Moving range t: 60 mm 16x 11 ;Longitudinal:  115mm   Moving range: 30 mm ;Weight: 10kg;   Packing size 35*30*45cm

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