Bio Hazard Safety Cabinet Platinum Models


Class II Biological Safety Cabinets
Protection for personnel, product and environment

Type B2 : Ratio of Exhausted Air 100% of the air exhausted
Class II Type B2

Excellent Performance with Inflow and Downflow by Unique Designed Structure and Air Flow System



ISO 14644-1, ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Standards Compliance                                 
HEPA filter removes 99.99% of 0.3µm particles                                                      

Easy to Replace Filter from the Front Panel
With maintenance free design and stricture

Laminar Airflow and Uniform air velocity
Provide high clean filter air for high performance

Built-In Lamps and Utilities
UV and fluorescent lamp, air and gas cock, Power consent are builted as standard

Air Leak Proof Cabinet Structure
with high clean stainless steel interior work station and epoxy powder coated steel exterior for long durability

Tempered Safety Glass Sliding Door
For maintain high quality cleanliness and for protection from UV exposure

Low Noise Level and Vibration free
56~60 dB high efficiency sirocco fan blower

Microprocessor Digital Controller
With LCD back light display

Air Velocity Control & Alarm System
Temperature monitor at working zone

1. Easy to replace HEPA Filter in front panel
2. Built-in Mesh guard for HEPA Filter protection
3. Removable Working Tray easy to clean and disinfection for working zone
4. One touch open front panel for easy maintenance
5. Maximum Door Opening Alarm to protect air flow performance and safety
6. UV Sterilization with on/off working timer 

Dimensions                   Inner
(W x D x H mm)           Outer
Air Volume
980 m³ /h
1350³ /h
1700³ /h
Air Velocity and Temperature monitoring, Automatic Air Velocity control
Low Air Velocity visual & audible Alarm, Filter using & charge time Alarm
Clock and Timer, Auto stop for door excess open
HEPA Filter
Class 100, purity 0.3 µm particle removal 99,99%
Air Flow Velocity      Down Flow
                                         In Flow
0.3 - 0.36 m/sec
> 0.5m/sec
Noise Level
56 – 60 dBA
UV 20 W x 1 EA ,FL 20W x 1EA
UV 40 W x 1 EA ,FL 40W x 1EA
Material                   Interior
Stainless Steel 304
Epoxy Powder Coated Electro Galvanized Steel
Tempered Safety Glass Sliding Door
Utility Device
Air Cock, Gas Cock, 110/220V Consent
Electric Supply
110V 60Hz or 220V 50/60Hz


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