Blood Plasma Freezer

Fast and rapid cool down up to -35 °C


1. Precise Temperature Control System
   Microprocessor PID controller ensures the most accurate temperature control and maintains cooled temperature during        defrost cycle by unique designated technologly

2. PC Software System
   RS - 232C / 485 interface to LIS / HIS requirement with monitoring software is supplied

3. Self – Diagnostic and Alarm System
   1. High / Low working room temperature Alarm 
   2. Electric power failure Alarm 
   3. Status of door opening warning Alarm
   4. Low battery for controller warning Alarm
   5. Operating temperature check in high and low
   6. Password locking system for set temperature

4. Non – CFC/HCFC Refrigeration System
   CFC/HCFC – free Hermetically sealed compressor and  Natural Refrigerant gas are used for compliance with the New            Environmental Regulation

5. IQ – OQ Documentation & Validation
   Is provided on request as optional order

6. High – density Polyurethane foam Insulation 
   With 60mm thickness Insulation provides excellent low temperature and  maintains cool temperature for a long time in          case of power failure

7. Fast and rapid cool down up to -30°C
   High capacity refrigeration system provides rapid cooling time within 30 to 60 minute

8. Automatic Defrost and Dehumidity System
   Unique air flow circulation and defrost system provides high precision temperature uniformity and stability 

9. User Friendly Design
   a. Built – in fluorescent lamp with  ON/OFF switch and circulation fan stops while door is opening
   b. Door Key Lock device and password lock for safety 
   c. Drawer Shelf provides easy storage blood bags with triple sliding rail mechanical system

10. Magnetic packing with adjustable tension Door 
     Magnetic packing with adjustable enforced tension door prevent cold temperature from any air leakage

11. Pt – 100 Ω RTD Sensor is built – in liquid bottle 

     Provides the exact temperature control for blood bank

Blood Plasma Freezer 

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February 8, 2018 at 6:51 PM

The information you shared about blood plasma freezer is amazing this is very useful for me thanks for sharing with me.

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