Laboratory & pharmaceutical refrigerator about 100 liters

Nanolytik®NanoFreeze RF V1
+1ºC to +10ºC
+33.8°F to +50°F
94 Liter Volume
Stainless steel interior
Exterior: White or Stainless steel
Automatic door closing
Air forced cooling
door key lock
Right hand hinged reversible door

All the Freezers in the NanoFreeze V range are extremely functional
and reliable. Once again we set new standards with the most user
friendly controller in the Freezer market. Features as
non-manipulative data logger and USB readout are just some of the
features that come as standard in the NanoFreeze ULT V series.

Unite the latest technology in one refrigerator, the NanoFreeze
laboratory line with many features and sizes is produced with attention
to details and user friendliness. No matter which product you choose,
its build a!er the same strict guidelines.

Low energy consumption
Low noise level
Automatic door closing
Air forced cooling
Castors and door key lock
Reversible door
Adjustable Shelves

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