Stomacher Blender

STO-4, Stomacher Blender STO-4 stomacher is specifically used for microbial extraction. Updated with LCD display which shows running state like speed,time,program. Support 5 type running program,each one can be settled by user. This stomacher microbial extraction process has been found useful with a wide variety of samples, particularly: solid and semi-solid products, fresh and processed meat, dry fruits, cereals, grains, seeds, cheese, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and specimen tissues.

Blend and homogenize within sealed processing bags—eliminating cross-contamination and cleaning between samples ● Small footprint offers convenient placement on your lab bench ● Increase productivity—no need to clean equipment between processing, simply discard bags after use ● Paddle design processes materials that cannot be handled by conventional lab blenders. The unique action of the Stomacher uses paddles to homogenize samples through a combination of crushing and stirring forces. it can fit into safety cabinets to reduce your exposure to hazardous materials. During operation, the curved paddles and an island baffle mold the bag contents into a tubular ring for vigorous stirring and circulation of the sample from top to bottom, extracting more organisms into suspension than any other blending process.

Applications: Food microbiology, biochemistry, & cell biology sample processing ● Removal of viruses & bacteria from tissues and organs ● Sterility testing of pharmaceuticals ● Removal of organisms from tissue biopsies or fecal specimen.

Paddle speed
Paddle distance
Absorbance photometry
External size
Ambient temp. request
Net weight
220V/50HZ or 110V 180W
Homogeneous bag
17 × 30cm

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