Universal Growth Chamber


1.   Microprocessor PID Control
      Provides high precision temperature, relative humidity and illumination control for uniform and stable growth                         environment 
2.   10 Step Program With PC Interface
      Controller  provides automatic operation of various programmed cycles and maximum 999 cycles PC Software for                   monitoring and data longgimg
3.    Self – Diagnostic and Alarm System
       Automatically check any malfunction or errors and visible alarm system
4.   Forced Air Circulation System
      Silent and durable fan motors to maintain uniform temperature and humidity by air circulation from down to top air flow       direction
5.    Direct Illuminated Light Bank System (Option)
       Built – in front door, built – in ceiling and each shelf with programmable control up to 35,000 Lux available various lamp        selection
6.    Automatic Water Supply System
       Distilled water or de – ionized water with water purifier is supplied by built – in reservoir at chamber.
7.    Technical Design and Structure
       Complete sealed stainless steel chamber with light transferable inner tempered safety glass door with solid out door
8.     Non – CFC/HCFC Refrigeration System
        CFC / HCFC – free Hermetically sealed compressor and eco – friendly refrigerant gas are used for compliance with the           New Environmental Regulation
9.    Lamp – On – Delay System
       Protects plants from stress by preventing sudden change of light strength and turning on / off time control
10. Automatic Water Supply System
      Distilled water  or de – ionized water with water purifier is supplied by built – in reservoir at chamber.

Lab – Dog DVR System 

Double Door Structure

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