Walk -in Environmental Chamber


1. Heavy –duty Mechanical Design
   a. Manufactured for completed sealed chamber structure
   b. Easy to move and install with sturdy foot master 
   c. HEPA filtered clean air is supplied into the chamber for culture and growth, installed at roof top
   d. Perfect uniformity air circulation chamber structure, with air velocity control technology

2. Non –CFC/HCFC Refrigeration System
   CFC / HCFC – free Hermetically sealed compressor and Eco – Friendly refrigerant gas are used for compliance 
   with the New Environment Regulation

3. Selection of refrigerantion units for Installaton
   a. Built – in refrigerant unit of chamber 
   b.Exterior connection refrigerantion unit at out door
   c.Air cooled condensing system
   d.Water cooled condensing system

4. All –in –One Controller that integrates monitoring and recording functions
   a. Reliable Hardware and software 
   b.5.7 inch TFT color LCD touch screen with dust – proof and water – proof controller

5. Automatic water supply system
   Distilled water or de –ionized water with water purifier is supplied by built – in reservoir at chamber  

Out Door Installation

Steel Fabricated Structure

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