High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuges(HR2301)

1. Acc/Dec: Choice of 15 acceleration and deceleration             rates, the user can do setting according to the sample’s       requirement

2. It has at set RPM function, and Short spin function
3. Easily setting and reading RCF, speed synchronize 
in time

4. Automatic rotor recognition and imbalance detection for       maximum operational safety, provides optimum run               stability, when the error and imbalance happen,it will             have audible alarm
5. Easily adjust speed, RCF, time and temperature 

    during the running without stop
6. The shortest Acc/Dec time is less than 15s
7. Pre-cooling before the rotor start and fast cooling                   function helps the chamber temperature dropped 

    to 40C only meed 10 minutes
8. Automatic temperature compensation, to ensure that 

    the samples do centrifugal in a safe temperature 

9. Danfoss compressor kit

1. Universal centrifuge, optional fixed-angle rotor, swing-bucket rotor, plate rotor. 

2. Microprocessor touch-keypad controls, LED displays can be read easily with the rotor model,time, RCF and speed

3. The Soft Touch Keypad offers parameter setting function, special key for RCF

4. Quiet, maintenance-free brushless drive

5. Double Lid and Lock system, The start is meaning locked, it helps to ensure running safety

6. Offers a 20 program memory for standard runs, programmability is available, also you can improve your efficiency 

    with the existing program

Technical Data:
Max speed
Maximum capacity
Speed accuracy
Temp. Uniformity
±1.5 ±2
Temperature rang
Temperature accuracy
Timer range
220V 50Hz

HR2301  Rotor configuration

R2301 Level rotor configuration

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