with roller frame and drum (optional)

incubator with drive-unit
housing container made of stainless steeleasy to handle
Designed for rotating up to 630 test tubes or up to 7 roller bottles for cell culture.

The system consists of a high quality incubator fitted with a motor drive-unit. Roller frame and roller drums (1 to 3 ea. applicable) to hold the test tubes or bottles are optional available. For loading with tubes or bottles the roller drums may easily be lifted off the roller frame and taken out of the incubator.

The roller frame can also be taken out of the incubator for cleaning.

The roller drums may be tilted for rotating open test tubes.

For ease of cleaning the inner housing container is made of stainless steel.

All controls are located on the front-panel.

The LED-display of the temperature controller shows simultaneously both the actual and the set temperature.
Technical Data

Dimensions inner (w x h x d):554 x 664 x 550 mm
Dimensions outer (w x h x d):895 x 840 x 715 mm
Working temperature internal:+5 °C max. +70 °C above room temperature
(with electr. controller)
Temperature stability inside the medium:< +/-1 °C
230 V, 50-60 Hz, 550 W or
115 V, 50-60 Hz, 550 W
Weight:approx. 110 kg

Roller frame:
Dimensions without drum (w x h x d)450 x 150 x 400 mm
Dimensions with drum (w x h x d)450 x 500 x 400 mm
Rotational speed of drum:0,1-2 rpm (other rotational speeds on request)
380 mm

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ordering Information
INCUDRIVE SIncubator with drive-unit
3.051 001
Roller frame
3.055 101
Drum R
for 7 roller bottles Ø 120/125 mm
(max. 1 per device)
3.056 071
Drum K10
for 210 test-tubes 100 x 16 mm
(max. 3 per device)
3.056 101
Drum K16
for 210 test-tubes 160 x 16 mm
(max. 2 per device)
3.056 161
Drum M
for other vessels (custom-made)
(max. 2 per device)
3.056 311

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