schuett petriturn-M Turntables for Petri dishes, manual operation

 1.manual operation of running
 2.for uniform plating of liquids on agar surfaces in Petri dishes 3. easy to handle, antifatique
Powerful and long-running due to high mass of turntable. Useable on both sides, that means two work spaces in one device by easiest turn-over.

For Petri dishes with up to Ø 
100 and 150 mm.


Technical Data

Dimensions (Ø x h):160 x 45 mm
Weight:approx. 2.3 kg

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Ordering Information
schuett petriturn-M
3.361 102
Inoculating hooks
Inoculating hook made of stainless steel
3.362 152
Inoculating hook made of glass
3.362 162

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