schuett PickMaxX II Clone Picking Tool

Cost efficency

The schuett PickMaxX II Picking-Tool is a handheld device for manually transferring cell colonies to multiwell plates as well as a manually operated inoculating device. Unerring picking, even for specific individual colonies:

high working efficiency compared to using toothpickslow-cost version of a picking robotimmediate intuitive operationeasy, rapid handling
Simultaneously 12 clones may be transferred to the buffer solution (suitable for 96-multiwell plates).

Compared to individually picking of single colonies (toothpick) from a Petri dish and transferring them to standard multiwell plates, the schuett PickMaxX II may pick up to
12 colonies in a row and transfer them all at the same time to the 96-multiwell plate.
This highly increases the efficiency of the process as well as the throughput.

Sterile disposable foil combs are used for picking cell colonies (96-format). It takes approx.
5 minutes to inoculate a complete 96-multiwell plate.
Quick screens in-between are possible. No setup time required as compared with a picking robot. The PickMaxX II is useful in bridging servicing times of a picking robot.

Ordering Information
schuett PickMaxX II
3.685 202
schuett PickMaxX II combs
96-format, sterile
(qty=10 sets at 8 combs)
3.685 212

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