Constant Temp & Humi Chamber Touch Screen

Finger Contact Touch Screen
User can easily recognize the operation state of  SH-CTH1200SC  through dialogue
As a broad display, 6" Screen is clear and convinient for watching.
Powerful Interface function
SH-CTH1200SC can send data and control the temperature of constant chamber by
using RS-485 telecommunication between PC and Constant Chamber even though
the distance between PC and Constant Chamber is far each other. 
Supplying diverse operation display
With a simple display touch, SH-CTH1200SC supplies diverse display mode such
as Menu display, Operation display, Graphic display, Help Display. Thus it can 
prevent user's usual operation error.

- Digital Recorder
- 2CH Hybrid Recorder

Humi Range30%~99% at Temp 20℃~80℃
25%~95% at Temp 80℃~85℃
20%~80% at Temp 85℃~90℃
Accuracy & Stability Temp±0.1℃
Accuracy & Stability Humi±1.5%
Temp Uniformity±0.5℃
Humi Uniformity±2%
Temp & Humi ControllerTouch Screen Temp & Humi Controller
Sensor TempPt-100Ω
Sensor HumiElectronic Sensor
Demension Internal1200×1000×1000 (W×D×H)
Demension External1818×1522×2103 (W×D×H)
New Weight530 Kg
Material InternalStainless Steel
Material ExternalSteel Plate with Power Heating Coated
Shelves2 Supplied (31 Maximum)
Temp Heater Capacity5 KW
Humi Heater Capacity6 KW
IlluminationLED Lamp
View WindowsHot wire type glass
Water Storage TankStainless Steel with Powder Heating Coated
Electrical Requirements 230V(120V) , 1Φ53.5(N/A)A
Electrical Requirements 380V(230V) , 3Φ18(31)A

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