DZB-718 Portable Multi-Parameter Analyzer

Main Character
1. Display several parameter’s measuring value at the same interface. Support to measure pX/pH, mV, 
    conductivity, TDS, salinity, resistivity, DO, saturation, DO currency and temp. value simultaneously.
2. Provide several common ion modes randomly, such as H+, Ag+, Na+ , K+, NH4+, Cl-, F-, NO3-, BF4-,
    CN-, Cu2+, Pb2+ and Ca2+. As long as user has relevant ion electrode, user could set up his own ion mode.
3. Can view, print and delete measuring data.
4. With USB interface, intelligent power management. If match with special 
    communication software, it can be connected with PC
5. Three measuring modes: continuous measuring mode, timed measuring mode and balance measuring mode.
6. Support GLP regulation, can print and store 200 sets for each of pH, conductivity, TDS, salinity and DO. 
    Allow to store 6 kinds of ion measuring value, including relevant pX value and ion concentration value 
    100 sets for each.
7. Small in size, low power dissipation, IP65 protection class for easy moving and field measurement.

Main Specification

Measuring Range :
a). mV: (-1999.99 ~ 0)mV, (0 ~ 1999.99)mV;
b). pH/pX: (-2.000 ~ 19.999)pH/pX;
c).Concentration: various concentration values in correspondence to potential measuring range and indicating electrode.
d). Conductivity: 0.000μS/cm ~ 199.9mS/cm
e). Resistivity: 5.00Ω.cm ~ 20MΩ.cm
f). TDS: 0.000mg/L ~ 19.99g/L
g). Salinity: (0.0 ~ 8.00)%

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