Electric Heat Water Bath Boiler

Electric Heat Water Bath Boiler
Summary of usage
It is used for precise constant temperature and assistant heating in medical sanitation, industry and mining enterprises, scientific research institute and medical college for inspecting and testing pathology blood serum.

Product Characteristics
Interior chamber is made of stainless steel. The overall of the apparatus is made of quality steel plate with beautiful and novel shape. The outer is lacquered well.
The temperature controller is selected with high precision sensor and integrate circuit. With that it controls the temperature precise and reliable

Main technical parmeters of water bath boiler
Model Working dimensions Consumption Power Temp.range&accuracy
HHS-11-1 170X170X120mm 0.3Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-11-2 310X180X120mm 0.5 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-11-4 620X170X120mm 1.0 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-11-6 920X170X120mm 1.5 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-11-8 1220X170X120mm 2.0 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-21-4 310X310X120mm 0.8 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-21-6 500X310X120mm 1.2 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃
HHS-21-8 620X310X120mm 1.5 Kw RT+5-100℃ 1℃

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