SB-120DT Ultrasonic Cleaner

Main technical parameters:  
Plasitic:Stainless steel  
Size of the interior trough :240× 140×100mm or 240×140×150mm 

Capacity: 3L  / 5L     
Adjustable temperature: room temperature- 60 ℃  
Operating frequency: 40KHz   
Ultrasonic power: 120W       
Heating power: 75W  
Adjustable time: 1-60 min   
Digital display time: 99999h  
Network basket: yes    
Cover of lowering sound: yes   
Drainage: selective yes or no 
N/W(KG):3.6/4.1  G/W:4.5/4.9 
Paking size:34.5*23*32CM

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