Strain Halogen Moisture Analyzer (YLS16A)


The YLS16A Drying Moisture Meter is a moisture tester, which is easy to use and the result is accurate. It has following 
1. The instrument applies the technology of electronic balance, halogen radiation and temperature controlling.
2. The instrument is small in size, the operation is easy and the functions are complete.
3. The heating rate is rapid and the instrument is evenly heated.
4. The big LCD screen has a blue and white switchable background. The reading is clear and easy to read out.
5. The internal functional keys can calibrate weight, temperature and time; three switch-off modes: 
    manual, time-controlled and automatic; for the sample unit, there are keys for setting and 
    the buzzer sound indicating the heating finish.
6. The internal database can store 50 pieces of sample data.
7. If the instrument is connected to RS232 serial printer, it can print out 9 types of parameters.
8. During the drying process, the instrument will display all the testing data.
9. The instrument can be widely used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, tobacco, grain and chemicals             either as a precision instrument in the laboratory, or for routine test of purchased goods or doing 
    process control in the factory.

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