Vertical Sterilizer YXQ-LS-75SII

Auto-control type
Structure of handwheel type quick-door-open safety interlock device (accord with the 49th requirement of Vessel Regulations)
Material: outer and chamber are made of high quality stainless steel SUS304, acidproof, alkali resistance, anti-corrosive
Microcomputer intelligent control
Pressure safety interlock device, over temperature protection device
Auto-raising type packing ring,exhaust cold air automatically
Low water level alarm, auto-control when lack of water
Temperature range (0℃-135℃), time range (0-120min)
Max. design/work pressure (0.25MPa-0.22MPa)
Auto-exhause when over pressure
Buzzer reminds after sterilization

Technical Parameters:
Model: YXQ-LS-75SII
Volume: 75L
Rated working temperature: 135℃
Rated working pressure: 0.22MPa
Power Consumption: 3.5KW
Power supply: 220V+-10%/50Hz+-2%
DIM. Exterior (mm): 500*500*1100
DIM. Interior (mm): 400*600
DIM. Basket (mm): 360*280 *2 pcs

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