Bench-Top Freeze Dryer -55ºC (-85ºC optional)

Laboratory Scale

Our laboratory Freeze Dryers offers
condensor capacities ranging from 3 litre up to
18 litre. The condensor is integrated in the
cabinet. On the top of our models a wide range

of flexible options can be fitted:
- Stainless steel manifolds with flasks
- Clear acrylic chambers with shelves
- Stanless steel chambers with shelves and flasks
- Shelf system (heating & stoppering optional)

The units can be ordered with a standard -55ºC
condensor or a two stage system down to -85ºC
in case solvents are used with a low freezing
point. You can choose between two types of
models: floorstanding and table top.
Overall specifications:
- Standard Teflon coating
- Stainless steel condensor
- Hot gas defrost possibility after run
- Very durable compressors
- Option for manual or automatic run
- User-friendly drain
- User-friendly control panel with the following

1. Key switch on / off
2. Condensor on / off
3. Vacuum on / off
4. Release vacuum
5. Defrost on / off
6. Manual / automatic selection
7. Digital temperature display
8. Digital vacuum display

-55ºC models
ModelsTFD5503FD5508FD5512 FD5518
Ice capacity / 24h2 liter 5 liter 10 liter12 liter
Total ice capacity 3 liter8 liter12 liter18 liter
Condensor temperature-55ºC-55ºC-55ºC-55ºC
Cabinet dimensions800x650x400 (WxDxHmm)805x750x885 (WxDxHmm)805x750x885 (WxDxHmm)805x750x885 (WxDxHmm)
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001,CE, NEPISO9001, ISO14001,CE, NEPISO9001, ISO14001,CE, NEPISO9001, ISO14001,CE, NEP
Refrigeration3/8 hP3/8 hP3/8 hP3/8 hP
Vacuum pumps195 liter/min195 liter/min195 liter/min283 liter/min

-86ºC models
Ice capacity / 24h2 liter5 liter10 liter12 liter
Total ice capacity3 liter8 liter12 liter18 liter
Condensor temperature-85ºC-85ºC-85ºC-85ºC
Cabinet dimensions800 x 650 x 400 (WxDxH mm)805 x 750 x 885 (WxDxH mm)805 x 750 x 885 (WxDxH mm)805 x 750 x 885 (WxDxH mm)
CertificationISO9001, ISO14001, CE, NEPISO9001, ISO14001, CE, NEPISO9001, ISO14001, CE, NEP1ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, NEP
Refrigeration2 x 3/8 hP2 x 3/8 hP2 x 3/8 hP2 x 3/8 hP
Vacuum pumps195 liter / min195 liter / min195 liter / min283 liter / min

Accessories Of Freeze Dryer
Vacuum Pumps

Super DeluxeAnti-Corrosion
Model NO.ISL-136ISL-201ISLA-045ISLA-115ISLA-165ISLA-318
TypeDirect Driven
Ult-Pressure5 x 10-4 Torr4 x 10-4 mbar
Gas BallastEquipped with Vacuum Pumps

- High quality, corrosion resistant materials
- Advanced oil lubrication-ensures reliable runnung even at high gas loads
- Proven oil and air suck-back protection
- Complete range of easy-to-fit accessories to protect both pumps and the environment
- Low noise levels and minimum vibration
- Direct drive-built to exacting safety standards
- Opposed two-vane design helps prevent blades sticking
- Easy maintenance with effective internasional service back-up

Electronic Vacuum GaugeEVG21500 to 5000 m Torr
High Vacuum OilV040004L/PKg
High Vacuum GreaseVG540054Oz/Ea
Flask Filter PaperFP00121000 Ea/Pkg

SAT 0001 Soda Acid Trap
Secondary trap connects in series with freeze dry system
and vacuum pump to prevent migration of corrosive chemicals
into pump interior. Clear acrylonitrile body allows visual check
of color indicating media

EF2561 Pump Exhaust Filter
Disposable filter removes all visible oil mist from
vacuum pump exhaust. May be exhausted into work area
without duct. includes filter assembly, one set of filter tubes
mesh pad and back pressure gauge, 0-15 psig. Life
approximately 2500 hours at 10 microns vacuum

PT5503 Portable Table
Has two shelves of chemical resistant, high
pressure laminate to accommodate the 3 Liter
Table top Freeze Dryer System and a Vacuum Pump.
Frame is welded steel tubing with 6 casters.
Glacier white and charcoal. Supports loads up to 200 kg
605(W) x 915(D) x 930(H). Shipping weight 24 kg

Drying Chamber & Manifold Chambers

DC1212 Drying Chamber 
275H x 230 Dia mm  
12-Port, 304 stainless steel.
DC1316 Drying Chamber
320H x 300Dia mm,
16-Port,304 stainless steel
HDC1316 Heated Drying Chamber
320H x 300Dia mm 304 Stainless steel.
Complete with a 3-shelf product heater
with +43℃ High limit thermostat.
DC1218 Drying Chamber
320H x 300Dia mm,
18-Port, 304 Stainless steel

MC1224, MC3412, MC1324, MC1204, Manifold Chamber

Manifolds are ideal for lyophilizing in serum bottles, ampules or small flasks.
Fabricated of type 304 stainless steel the manifolds are complete with neoprene
valves which snap into place, eliminating weldment which may corrode and leak


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