Freeze Dryer Accessories

- High quality, corrosion resistant materials
- Advanced oil lubrication-ensures reliable running even at high gas loads
- Proven oil and air suck-back protection
- Complete range of easy-to-fit accessories to project both pumps and the environment
- Low noise levels and minimum vibration
- Direct drive-built to exacting safety standards
- Opposed two-vane design helps prevent blades sticking
- Easy maintenance with effective international service back-up

Secondary trap connects in series with freeze dry system and vacuum pump to
prevent migration of corrosive chemicals into pump interior. Clear acrylonitrile
body allows visual check of color indicating media.

Disposable filter prevents oil backstreaming from the vacuum pump and protects
the pump from damage from submicron particles. Includes filter assembly and one set

of filter cartridges. Life approximately 1000 hours at 10 microns vacuum.

- IF2560 Pump Inlet Filter

Disposable filter removes all visible oil mist from vacuum pump exhaust. May be
exhausted into work area without duct. Includes filter assembly, one set of filter
tubes mesh pad and back pressure gauge, 0-15 psig. Life approximately 2500 hours
at 10 microns vacuum.

- EF2561 Pump Exhaust Filter

Has two shelves of chemical resistant, high pressure laminate to accomodate the
3 Liter Table top Freeze Dryer System and a Vacuum Pump. Frame is welded steel tubing
with 6” casters. Glacier white and charcoal. Supports loads up to 200 kg.
605(W) x 915(D) x 930(H) mm. Shipping weight 24 kg.

- PT5503 Portable Table

lShin Lab valve specially designed considering safety of sample itself after drying. It is consisted of “backfilling system” which protects sample from air pollution through vent input in Neoprene body. Valve body is made of Neoprene which does not change with heat in case of ampule sealing with sealing torch, so it can be used for a long time and safely. There are 1/2” and 3/4” standards and ampule valve without ampule adapter is prepared.

Valve SizeComplete SizePolypropylene Stem OnlyNeoprene Body Only


Three shelf Product Heaters fit inside Drying Chamber for bulk drying operation.

- PT1316, PH1212, Product Heater
- PH1316: for Drying Chamber DC1316

- PH1212: fro Drying Chamber DC1212


MC 1224, MC 3412, MC 1324, MC 1204 Manifold Chamber
Manifolds are ideal for lyophilizinf in serum bottles, ampules or small flasks.
Fabricated of type 304 stainless steel the manifolds are complete with neoprene valves
which snap into place, eliminating weldment which may corrode and leak.

- DC 1212 Drying Chamber
  275H x 230Dia mm, 12-Port, 304 stainless steel.
- DC 1316 Drying Chamber
  320H x 300Dia mm, 16-Port, 304 stainless steel.
- HDC 1316 Heated Drying Chamber
  320H x 300Dia mm 304 stainless steel. Complete with a 3-shelf product heater with +43ÂșC high limit thermostat.
- DC 1218 Drying Chamber

  320H x 300Dia mm, 18-Port, 304 stainless steel.

Model No.DC1212DC1316DC1218HDC1316MC1224MC3412MC1324MC1204
1/2 Vavle12Ea8Ea18Ea8Ea24EaNon12Ea4Ea
3/4 ValveNon8EaNon7EaNon12Ea12EaNon
MaterialsStainless steel 304 Clear acrylic coverStainless steel 304

Flask SizeComplete FlaskFlask BottomFlask TopDiameterFlask Bottom H/I.D
40mlCF0040FB0040FT00341/2”76mm x 34mm
80mlCF0080FB0080115mm x 34mm
120mlCF0120FB0120FT00593/4”69mm x 60mm
150mlCF0150FB015085mm x 60mm
300mlCF0300FB0300145mm x 60mm
600mlCF0600FB0600FT0090135mm x 90mm
900mlCF0900FB0900190mm x 90mm
1200mlCF1200FB1200240mm x 90mm
2000mlCF2000FB2000380mm x 90mm
MaterialDiametersStraight Adapter45 Bend Adapter
Borosticate Glass1/2” Flask Top to 1/2” ValveSA0012BA0012
3/4” Flask Top to 3/4” ValveSA0034BA0034
1/2” Flask Top to 3/4” ValveSA1234BA1234
3/4” Flask Top to 1/2” ValveSA3412BA3412
Stainless Steel1/2” Flask Top to 1/2” ValveSA0021BA0021
3/4” Flask Top to 3/4” ValveSA0043B A0043
Multi Adapter1/2” 3-waySA0003SA0003
330(H) x 330Dia mm, includes 20 mm thick, clear acrylic cover,
gaskets and transform cords. Provides visibility into chamber during bulk drying
- CDC3333 Clear Drying Chamber

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