Tissue Culture Plates WD-2107

Tissue Culture Plates
These products have a good transparency and characteristic of innocuity, sterility which can promote growth and propagation of the proterozoic cell such as the neurone, passage cell such as tumour cell etc.of animal and human body. It is widely used in many fields, such as the vaccine of Gene Cell Engineering, Biological Pharmacy, Tissue Regeneracy Medical Treatment  Engineering, Clinical Biological Treatment, SARS, AIDS, Hepatitis, Bird Flu etc. and biological medicine fields like clone etc., and got the good evaluation both home and abroad. Its good quality stability not only enhance development efficiency but also ensure the stability of the experimental data and the products quality. These products are fully meet the demand of the biological industry, which have the high cost performance.

Cat. Number
   Specifications    (number of well)
Quatity (small case of each box)
50 cases / box
50 cases / box
70 cases / box
Features: After the TC treated, it has the best state for cell-anchorage and ╬│ray sterilization.

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