Autoclavable Bioreactors

GENERAL: DiaBench is a compact unit ready to use. Diachrom Biotechnology offer standard or custom made laboratory autoclavable Bioreactors units available in the following volumes (total litres): 1–2-3-5-7-10-15-20.
DiaBench bioreactors represent the latest advancements in mechanical, automation and software engineering applied to the bioprocess industry. Industrial standard technologies, high-flexibility, modularity, easy upgrades and replacements, guaranteed long term spare parts availability and after-sales service distinguish Diachrom Biotechnology from competition

1. High Flexibility and Reliability via PLC automation and software platforms
2. Modularity and upgrades at any time thanks to our new concept design
3. Quality without compromise only certified materials are selected

4. Smart pH and D.O. probes allow monitoring of all sensor functions making substantial advantages in bioprocess monitoring and control
5. pH sensor empower fully integrated accuracy monitoring
6. Monitoring of all sensor functions, status of the sensor quality (glass resistance, reference resistance, check ref potential).
7. D.O. optical sensors demonstrate a number of substantial advantages because of a symbiosis of sensor and measurement amplifier- an smart sensor.
8. Variable or fix speed peristaltic pumps, autoclavable type in an embodiment, the present solution provides a new and improved liquid metering pump adapted for pumping sterile fluids and/or foodstuffs
9. Diachrom Biotechnology introduces onto his Bioreactors liquid metering pumps to avoid contamination problems caused by manual handling.
10. Complete documentation. IOQ, DQ and components traceability for GLP and cGMP

Agitation System
Direct drive, mechanical or magnetically coupled drive
Stirrer speed (rpm)
Standard range is 1 – 2000 rpm adjustable according to required configuration either bacterial, cell culture or both
Rushton, marine, pitched Blade, adjustable and removable type impellers. Special impellers are also available.
Gas sparger
Porous sparger, l-type sparger, Sinterized sparger, fixed or removable type
Gas overlay
Included as standard feature
Gas mixing
Standard set-up include Air, O2, CO2 and n2 gas mixing station, our unit can hold up to 8 gasses. Standard set-up include Flowmeters with on/off automatic solenoid valve for gas flow regulation or massflow controllers for automatic gas flow control and data recording
Exhaust gas
Water cooled exhaust gas Condenser
Sanitary sampling system with Fixed height or Height adjustable sampling pipe including contained sample bottles available with various volumes
Sanitary Drain pipe or Dip tube Fixed height or Height adjustable
Liquid additions
Triple or single inlet ports for chemicals additions (optional micro liquid injectors)
Optical or classic pH sensor, 12mm, 19mm or 25mm Ingold connectors, (various lenght). PLC and SCADA Software Control:via acid pump or CO2 gas (Flowmeter or mFC) in combination with alkali pump and/or other actuators.
Optical or classic DO sensor, 12mm, 19mm or 25mm Ingold connectors, (various lenght). PLC and SCADA Software Control:via or in combination with n2, Air, O2 (Flowmeter or automation mFC) and agitation or nutrient addition pump or other actuators
Pt-100 sensor in thermo well in top plate. PLC and SCADA Software Control: cooling and/or heating jacket via bioreactor wall or via internal heat exchanger, cooling via tap water or chilled water
Height adjustable conductivity based foam and level sensor, High/low foam sensors are also available. PLC and SCADA Software Control: Anti foam addition pump or other actuators.
Height adjustable conductivity based level sensor. PLC and SCADA Software Control: pump for liquid addition or removal
Pressure sensor top plate mounted. PLC and SCADA Software Control: modulated pressure valve, combined with air inlet, Flowmeters/mFC, agitation and other actuators
Load cells and balances are available. PLC and SCADA Software Control: pump for liquid addition or removal
Probes and sensors available
Online Biomass probes, optical density sensors, CO2/O2/nH4/SO2 gas analyzer, pCO2 sensor, conductivity, methanol/ethanol analyzers. Automated samplers PLC and SCADA Software Control integrations, OPC compliance.
Special accessories for photo syntetic and photo trophic microorganisms, variable lED light set and other.

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Our production line includes:
Bioreactors & Fermenters
Filtration Units
Isolators & Glowe Testers
Sanitary Tanks
Sterilizing & Depirogenizing Units
Washing Machines
Confectioning & Final Confectioning Machines
Automation & Software
Fornitures & Accessories

Turnkey Projects

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