Small size constant temperature chamber Incubate box 
Can be used as refrigerator to store sample and reagent or for reaction in combination with small device.

Main Application
●Store of sample and reagent
●Incubation of microorganisms and plant cells in combination with shaker
●Immunoprecipitation in combination with rotator

Two operation mode of precise operation and energy saving operation
This machine can prevent turbulence of temperature due to operation of auto defrost function which may be concern while measuring test at low temperature since auto defrosting function can be OFF during precise operation (when it is not needed, auto defrost is ON). You can switch to energy saving mode when precise temperature regulation is not needed.

Door can be locked by slide lock

Small device such as shaker can be used inside chamber

Can be adapted to various experiments by combining with shaker and rotator. It has outlet for device inside chamber and has connection hole for power cable to go out.
(*) Please put shaker at bottom of the chamber when operating high speed shaking using reciprocal or rotary shaker.

Temperature Range+3ºC - +50ºC
Temp. Control AccuracyEnergy saving operation: ±1ºC - 2 ºC (unit: 1ºC )
Precise operation: ±0.1ºC - 0.5 ºC (unit: 0.1ºC ) (*1) (*2)
CapacityApprox. 85L
Cooler75W (at precise operation auto defrosting function can be OFF)
Inside outlet1 (up to 3A)
Agitation methodForced agitation
Shelving/ load limit1, 35kg each (for shaker is below 20kg, recommend to use in bottom shelf)
Usable dimensions563 x 376 x 412Hmm
Dimensions633 x 435 x 1078Hmm
WeightApprox. 60kg
Power SupplyAC100V 6A (*3)
Standard AccessoryShelf net x 1, drain tray x 1, slide lock for door x 1, water proof plug x 1

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