Shaker Incubator

Constant temperature incubator shaker for well plate - micro tube Maximizer
Best suited shaking mechanism for 96-well plate and micro tube Equipped with environmentally friendly Peltier device which allow controlling temperature below RT.
Main Application
1. Incubating E. Coli and yeast using deep well or micro tube
2. ELISA and panning phage display
3. Mixing during experiments of biodegradability or digestion of enzyme from mouse tail
Temperature control is available from +15℃ by energy-saving Peltier device.
Peltier device is non-Freon and energy-saving heating-cooling system. It is small but can control temperature +15℃ - +60℃.
Work effectively by original system and mixing speed at 300 - 2500 rpm.
Strongly mix micro tube and 96 well deep well plate. When incubating E.Coli and yeast by shaking, the same cell growth as with Erlenmeyer's flask can be obtained in those vials which are not originally suitable for incubation.

Image of using 1.5ml micro tube
(Need optional micro tube rack)

Image of using 96-well plate

Temperature Range+15 ºC - +60ºC (*1)
Temp. Control Accuracy±0.3 ºC - 0.8 ºC (*2)
Shaking MethodHorizontal eccentric vibration
Shaking Speed300 - 2500rpm
Applicable Container / NumberTwo well plates or two micro tube racks
Surroundings temperature+5 ºC - +35ºC
Heating-Cooling SystemPeltier device
Display (Temp. and speed)digital display
Programming Function1 pattern, 9 segment (temperature time)
Dimensions270 x 377 x 245Hmm
Weightapprox. 12kg
Power SupplyAC 100V 1.5A

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