Advantages for the user 
High accuracy 
 Digitally controlled high quality motor
Easy to operate 
 Remote control panel with large display
Reaches the tit-ration end point 
easily and precisely
 Two dispensing modes: continuous and drop by drop
Built- in magnetic stirrer
 Detachable and compact magnetic stirrer support
Provides comprehensive
 Various accessories include stand for pH meter,
solutions of tit-ration
 Extension pipette, remote operation handle, etc.

• High quality motor providing excellent precision and accuracy
• Electronic control decreasing the repeatitive strain injury
• The remote control panel makes the operating process free of manual disturbance
• Built-in magnetic stirrer support


 Volume range
 0.01mL-99.99mL, Max piston lift is 10mL,resolution is 10μL
 Volume accuracy
 R=0.2% CV=0.07%
 16 stages
 Operating temperature range
 Quality control
 DIN EN ISO 8655
 Control type 
 External control, including the stirrer and the burette program


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