Low Speed Centrifuge TR-LSC-50

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Low Speed Centrifuge TR-LSC-50

Product Details

  • Max speed: 4000rpm
  • Max Rcf: 3309 x g
  • Swing out Rotor capacity: 4x750ml , 8x100ml, 24x50ml, 52x15ml, 116xVacuum blood tube


Microcomputer control, LCD liquid crystal display(LCD)

AC frequency conversion motor drive, quiet operation clean.

Offers nine ascending and descending rate selection mode, Offer ten kinds of working mode selection, can free programming call.

Speed/centrifugal force can be set and double synchronous display screen

Two optional timing mode: run start timing and timing starts to set speed, easy to switch.

Door with double lock rod design, magnetic locks, electric door, more safety and reliable operation

Centrifugal lay particular stress on tolerance up to 30 grams, no special load balancing

Can change at any time in the operation of the parameters without downtime

Unique design of air exhaust temperature, low noise

Technical Specifications

Max speed
4000 rpm
Max Rcf
3309 x g
Rotor capacity
750 ml x 4
Speed accuracy
±10 rpm
≤56 dB
Temperature raise
≤8 (running 20minutes)
Timer range
/Short term centrifugal
Power supply
AC 220V 50HZ
600 VA
110 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)
580 x 735 x 855 mm


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