Orbital Shaker TR-GS-10

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Orbital Shaker TR-GS-10

Product Details

TR-GS series orbital shaker is concise and generous in shape with various functions. The moderate vibration is suitable for a variety of mixing work in different fields. It adopts brushless DC motor technology and microcomputer control technology to integrate into user-friendly design. The operation is simple and convenient. It is suitable for biology, microbiology and medical analysis. Low energy consumption, safe and stable without noise.


1. DC brushless motor drive, long life, maintenance-free, quiet and stable without noise.

2. Adjustable speed, multi-functional, moderate vibration suitable for a variety of mixing work in different fields.

3. Simple and elegant appearance, LED display speed and time, clean and simple operation panel. Streamlined body is easy to clean.

4. With timing function, any setting within the range of 1min-100 hours, the time controller can automatically alarm to achieve unmanned operation.

5. The stage can be replaced with different containers, equipped with conical flask racks, adjustable flask racks, general-purpose tray for optional.

Technical Specifications

50 - 350 rpm
50 - 300 rpm
50 - 250 rpm
Track diameter
10 mm
20 mm
30 mm
Timing range
1min - 99h59min
Maximum load
2 kg
Working temperature
4 – 45
Overall dimension
284*264*108 mm
AC100 - 230V

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