Rocker Shaker TR-HS-25

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Rocker Shaker - Lab Rotary Mixer TR-HS-25

Product Details

The TR-HS-25 Rocker Shaker is a desktop shaker that can be used directly in a greenhouse or in an incubator. It is widely used in vibration shaking when coomassie blue staining and decoloration, fixing of electrophoretic gel, fixing, dyeing, and developing when staining with silver nitrate. After electrophoresis, the cellulose membrane was further processed. Such as molecular hybridization, antigen and antibody staining, and can be used for cell culture and cell membrane transfer. Laboratory vials, such as petri dishes, flasks, and flasks can be placed on the swing.


  1. Stainless steel tray and natural rubber platform, resistant to acid and alkali, no deformation, easy to clean and leak-proof.
  2. The whole machine adopts curved bearing rotation, firm, no wear, suitable for long time use.
  3.  Real-time speed display and timing display, convenient and intuitive.
  4. Ultra-small design, does not occupy a limited space.
  5. The product profile is beautiful and humanized.
  6. The use of brushless DC motor, maintenance-free.

Technical Specification

10 - 80 rpm
Timing range
1min - 99h59min
Swing angle
Swing Swing
25 mm up and down
Tray size
280*228 mm
Overall dimension
284*264*100 mm
AC90 - 230V
50 W

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