Vertical Automatic Sterilizer Autoclave Drying YXQ-LS-50G

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50L Vertical Automatic sterilizer/Autoclave (Drying)

50L Vertical Automatic sterilizer/Autoclave (Drying) APPLICABLE SCOPE:

The Autoclave is the equipment which utilizes the pressure saturated steam for sterilizing goods quickly and reliable. It is applicable to be used in medical and health work, scientific and agriculture institutes. It is a perfect equipment for sterilizing the medical equipments, dressings, glasswares, liquor culture mediums, etc.

 50L Vertical Automatic sterilizer/Autoclave (Drying) PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS:

  • Self-control type with drying function
  • Patented technology: handwheel type quick-cover-open safety interlock device
  • Outer case, inner vessel and baskets are made of SUS304, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion
  • Microcomputer intelligent control
  • Pressure safety interlock device, limit over temperature protection device
  • Self expanding type seal ring, exhaust cold air automatically
  • Self-exhaust when over pressure, low water level alarm, self-control when lack of water
  • Inner circulation exhaust type, with 3L steam collection bottle
  • Melting temperature: 60~98℃, melting time range: 0~999min
  • Heat preservation temperature: 40 ~ 60℃, heat preservation time range: 0 ~ 999min
  • Water inlet, heating, sterilization, exhaust, drain and drying automatically
  • Buzzer reminds and closing down automatically when sterilization ends

Work process of sterilization and drying:

a. sterilization-ends
b. sterilization- exhaust when sterilization ends
c. sterilization-exhaust-drain-drying


Test hole, Printer

50L Vertical Automatic sterilizer/Autoclave (Drying) TECHNICAL PARAMETERS:

50 Liter
Sterilization Power
3.1 KW
Drying Power
0.8 KW
Power Supply
220V±10%  50Hz±2%
Max. temp working
Max. Pressure working
Sterilization time range
4 – 120 min
Drying time range
30 – 240 min
Chamber size
Ф400 × 525mm
Basket size
Ф360 × 240mm × 2pcs
Overall size
600 × 500 × 1080mm

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