Vertical Rotating Mixer

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Vertical Rotating Mixer

Product Details

The TR-VM-80 vertical rotating mixer provides efficient and gentle mixing that keeps biological samples in suspension, such as blood mixing. Suitable for preventing blood coagulation, Latex diagnosis, immunoprecipitation, and similar applications.


1. Compact appearance, sturdy construction, simple operation, LED display shows time and speed.
2. Brushless DC motor performance is stable, low noise, stable speed, long service life.
3.360°vertical rotation, smooth operation.
4. Can change different platforms, compatible with the use of different sizes of test tubes.

Technical Specification

AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Motor input power
16 W
Motor output power
10 W
Speed range
10-80 rpm
Operation mode
Circle operation
Overall dimension
246*160*200h mm
2.8 kg

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