Chlorophyll Meter

Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A
Portable Chlorophyll Meter TYS-A adalah Alat Ukur Zat Hijau Daun yang menentukan salah satu kecukupan unsur hara pada Tumbuhan. Jual Chlorophyll Meter di Indonesia. Informasi Portable Chlorophyll Meter dapat di email ke : atau SMS : 0812.708.68021

Portable Chlorophyll Meter
Type : TYS-A
Fungsi : Alat ukur zat hijau pada daun

Spesifikasi :
Measuring area:2mm x 2mm 
Measuring mode:2-wavelength concentration difference of 
   optical methods
Sensors:Silicon semiconductor photodiode
Display mode:Measuring value: 3 digits liquid crystal display
                :Measuring times: 2 digits liquid crystal display
Min measuring :Interval < 3s
Measuring Range:0.0-99.9 SPAD, -10~99.9°C
Accuracy:±1.0 SPAD, ±0.5°C
Repeat:±0.3SPAD, ±0.2°C
Operating temp.:0-50°C
Storage temp.:-20-55°C
Power:4.2V-2000Mah rechargeable Li battery
Dimensions  :155mm * 70mm * 42mm (L × W × H) 
Battery life:Can maintain more than 20000 operations
Memory capacity:30KB, automatically calculate and show 
   the average. 
Button:4 buttons
Weight:200 grams (excluding batteries)

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